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Minnesotans defend medical abortion

By Olivia Crull

Minnesotans stand up for abortion rights.

Minneapolis, MN – On Saturday, April 15, 30 protesters gathered to oppose a recent Texas court ruling that threatens to revoke FDA approval for mifepristone, a drug used in more than half of U.S. abortions. The protest was organized by the Minnesota Abortion Action Committee (MNAAC) in response to the call put out by Women’s March for a National Day of Action defending medical abortion.

MNAAC member Sarah Murphy was first to address the crowd, as she explained the impact of the recent ruling, “Currently, mifepristone is still available in the 17 states where abortion is still legal. However, these lawsuits have temporarily banned the distribution of abortion pills by mail. This is just one more barrier between pregnant people and essential healthcare.”

Affirming MNAAC’s commitment to fighting for abortion access in Minnesota and beyond, Murphy continued, “Every single state that borders Minnesota has some kind of abortion ban. People who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy are forced to travel several hundred miles to receive healthcare which should be a basic human right. It should be free, safe, and without shame! And it should be available by mail!”

Jay Belsito, an organizer with Unrestrict Minnesota, spoke to the necessity of strengthening legal protections for abortion in Minnesota under their sponsored bills, such as the Reproductive Freedom Codification Act, the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act, and the Positive Pregnancies Support Act, which would repeal any remaining abortion restrictions in Minnesota, enact legal protections for abortion providers, and end the state funding of crisis pregnancy centers, otherwise known as anti-abortion Centers.

Other speakers included the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC), the Climate Justice Committee, University of Minnesota Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and the Anti-War Committee, who all extended their support to the fight for medical abortion and reproductive rights.

MNAAC member Autumn Lake affirmed this spirit of solidarity across the people’s movements, as she stated, “Our struggle for women's and reproductive rights is a critical part of the larger fight against injustice everywhere. All across our different struggles and movements, we're going to stand together and keep fighting.”

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