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Minnesota to protest Vice President Pence appearance

By staff

St. Paul, MN – The Anti-War Committee is joining with the Climate Justice Committee to unwelcome Vice President Mike Pence when he comes to Saint Paul, 5 p.m., March 5, at the InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront, 11 E Kellogg Boulevard.

The Anti-War Committee has consistently organized against the Trump administration’s repeated attempts to use bigotry. The Anti-War Committee’s call for the protest includes, among other demands: “Muslims are welcome here! Racist, sexist, anti-gay – Mike Pence go away! No ban, no wall! Amnesty for all!”

CJ McCormick, a member of the Anti-War Committee said, “Wherever Trump goes, hate crimes spike. And Pence himself is the modern face of American homophobia – he funds conversion therapy and oversaw an HIV outbreak as governor. It deeply unsettles me as a queer activist and Saint Paul resident to see him here. If Twin Cities people are serious about welcoming our neighbors, then we need to unwelcome Pence to show that his kind of hatred really isn’t going to fly here. It’s important that folks from all progressive movements show up to unwelcome Pence: to stand united with our Muslim and immigrant neighbors and to defy Pence’s homophobic rhetoric.”

Meredith Aby, a member of the Climate Justice Committee, added, “The environmental movement in Minnesota is strong and we hope folks will turn out to hold Pence accountable for his description of global warming as a ‘myth’ and to denounce his repeated support for pipelines and offshore oil drilling.”

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