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Minnesota progressives say ‘Don’t vote for Amy Klobuchar’

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – Minnesota progressives are urging voters around the country to reject Democratic Party contender Amy Klobuchar.

Jess Sundin, a leader in the fight against police crimes says, “Amy Klobuchar is a racist. When she was Hennepin County District Attorney, she always sided with law enforcement against the interests of community members. She never charged a single cop in 40 cases of police murder of civilians. She sent an African American child, Myon Burrell, to prison for life, despite evidence that he was not involved in the crime she prosecuted him for.”

Sundin continued, “The people of Hennepin County, especially Black and brown folks, know that Klobuchar has always believed we are guilty until proven innocent, and has never heard a police lie that she didn’t believe. She used her injustices against our communities as fodder for her senate campaign, and she’s still doing that in her run for the White House. I hope anyone who opposes racism will join me in opposing Klobuchar for president.”

Another Minnesota activist with nothing good to say about Amy Klobuchar is Wyatt Miller, of the Twin Cities-based Anti-War Committee. Miller states, “From her moves to criminalize the BDS movement [Boycott, Divest and Sanction, against the apartheid Israeli government], to her support for neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine, to her outrageous claims that Trump hasn’t gone far enough in his dangerous attempts to provoke a new Cold War with China, Amy Klobuchar wants us to know that she represents the interests of U.S. war hawks and imperialists. As a prosecutor, she sided with the FBI’s repression of anti-war activists, including several here in Minnesota. Peace and justice-loving voters should reject her candidacy as a continuation of the violent status quo.”

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