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Minnesota Governor Walz decision to end many stay-at-home restrictions endangers public health

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – Jess Sundin, a Minnesota leader of Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) condemned Governor Walz’s decision to allow many statewide stay-at-home restrictions to lapse, May 13.

Sundin stated, “Against the advice of scientists, he's opening up before infection rates have dropped. Against his own promises, he's opening up when there are still widespread reports of PPE shortages for healthcare workers. Minnesota is still behind with testing, and contact tracing is unheard of. Grimly, the only benchmark the governor has met is expanding the number of ICU beds available for those who get the sickest.

“Governor Walz's decision endangers us all, but especially frontline workers, Black, indigenous and other people of color, our seniors and loved ones with underlying health conditions. His new “Stay Safe MN” order does nothing to guarantee the safety of workers forced to return to work, does nothing to provide childcare for those whose children are studying at home, and nothing to ensure that unemployment benefits get into the hands of those still waiting, nothing to expand access to housing and food and health care. His new order is a do-it-yourself project for working and oppressed peoples, and a plan to ensure the flow of profits to hospitals and malls and others,” Sundin continued.

Sundin concluded, “Workers and unions are already fighting for workplace closures or PPE and other safety precautions. Communities are organizing themselves to get cloth masks and other resources to our neighbors. The governor's plan puts profits before people. Now more than ever, we need to organize together to demand policies that put people first. The Coalition to Advance a People's Agenda is coming together to do just that.”

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