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Minnesota: Coalition for a People's Bail Out Slams Pawlenty’s Budget

By staff

Banner: "Bail out poor and working people, not billionaires" & it's very cold

St Paul, MN – Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bail Out organized a picket line at the Minnesota Department of Revenue Building, where Governor Pawlenty proposed his plan to address the $5.2 billion budget deficit, Jan. 27.

Deb Konechne, a spokesperson for the Coalition said, “Governor Pawlenty proposes balancing the budget on the backs of poor and working people. He wants to cut services, like health care for working-class Minnesotans and turns around and proposes tax cuts for corporations. We will fight his proposal every step of the way.”

The Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bail Out brings together union members, welfare rights organizations, community, tenant and anti-war groups.

The Coalition is promoting a People's Bailout Bill that includes:

    \* Extension of Unemployment Insurance for additional 13 weeks,

    \* Expansion of eligibility for Unemployment Insurance,

    \* A jobs creation program,

    \* Moratorium on the five-year limit on welfare,

    \* Moratorium on housing foreclosures,

    \* Moratorium on evictions from foreclosed housing, and a

    \* Moratorium on layoffs of state and University of Minnesota workers

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