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Minnesota activists demand U.S. take Cuba off the ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’ list

By Kim DeFranco

Protest at Senator Klobuchar's office demands removal of Cuba the State Sponsor

Minneapolis, MN – On February 14, 20 people rallied at the office of Senator Klobuchar in the pouring rain. The action was a part of the ongoing campaign for the month of February, demanding that President Biden to take Cuba off the State Sponsor of Terrorism (SSOT) list. The rally’s objective was to send a Valentine’s message to Klobuchar from the WAMM Solidarity Committee of the Americas (SCOTA) and other Cuba solidarity activists.

The crowd held signs and a banner while they chanted “Hands off Cuba” and “Cuba si! Bloqueo no.” As a special visual sign, people held large Valentines that showed the message “Take Cuba off the U.S. Terrorist list. Minnesota loves Cuba.” As rush hour traffic passed by, the cars responded with honks and raised fists.

The rally started with a speech from Sarah Martin, a member of SCOTA, explaining that Senator Klobuchar had traveled to Cuba and in the past has supported lifting some of the sanctions. She is also known to have the ear of President Biden. Martin continued, “Along with being on the SSOT list, the Cuban people are still under the U.S. blockade which has cost the Cuban economy $130 billion over the last six decades, being on the SSOT has subjected them to another series of severe sanctions, restrictions and transactions that limit the nation’s ability to purchase medicines and medical supplies for its people and to reboot it economy after the COVID pandemic.”

Another speaker, Rebecca Pera of SCOTA, explained, “Cuba was placed on the list under Reagan for offering asylum to U.S. citizens fleeing unjust and racist persecution, including Black liberation activists Assata Shakur and Victor Manuel Hernana and Guillerrmo Morales of the Puerto Rican independence movement. This designation is completely unfounded and any examination of the past, makes abundantly clear it’s not Cuba that’s the terrorist, but the U.S.”

After the speeches, a few members delivered a letter and Valentines to Klobuchar’s office which called on her to show a little love to Cuba, and press Biden to take Cuba off the list. He can do it with a stroke of the pen. The letter pointed out, “Over 68 municipalities (including Minneapolis and St. Paul) have shown their support for Cuba by passing resolutions to end the embargo and take Cuba off the SSOT. Over 44 million people can’t be wrong represented by these municipalities.”

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