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Minneapolis rally set for Sept. 11

By staff

Say “No!” to anti-Muslim bigotry, racism against Arabs, and war!

Minneapolis, MN – Peace, social justice and other organizations will hold a rally on Sept. 11 in Minneapolis, on the anniversary of the 2001 attacks in New York and Washington D.C., to speak out against a wave of anti-Muslim bigotry that has spread across the U.S. in recent weeks. The event will also call for an end to U.S. wars and occupations being carried out in the name of ‘fighting terrorism.’

The rally in Minneapolis will coincide with protests, speak-outs and other events in cities around the U.S. that will call for an end to attacks on the Muslim community.

The rally will be held Sept. 11 at 1:00 p.m. at the Library Plaza at Hennepin and Lagoon Avenues in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis.

On Sept. 11, right-wing groups plan to demonstrate at the World Trade Center site to whip up hysteria against a proposal to build an Islamic community center several blocks from the WTC site. On that same day, Christian fundamentalists plan a “Burn the Quran” day in Florida.

Meredith Aby, a member of the Anti-War Committee, the sponsor of the Saturday event said, “In 2001, 3000 people lost their lives in the attacks of Sept. 11. We have not forgotten this tragedy, and we cannot allow those events to hold us hostage to a war agenda that is not in the interests of the people of the U.S. or people around the world.”

“The U.S. government has used the events of 9/11 to justify a war agenda that has led to two wars and occupations. Right wing elements are now using the anniversary of 9/11 to whip up a campaign against the Muslim community in the U.S.,” Aby continued.

A statement issued by organizers says, in part, “On Saturday, people of good conscience will gather in New York, Minneapolis and other cities to say no to anti-Muslim bigotry, racism and war.”

The Saturday event is initiated by the Anti-War Committee and endorsed by Al-Aqsa Institute, Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAc), Iraq Peace Action Coalition, Iraq Veterans Against the War-MN, Military Families Speak Out-MN, Palestine-Israel Justice Project of the United Methodist Church, RNC 8 Defense Committee, SDS at the U of M, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Veterans for Peace Chapter 27, the Welfare Rights Committee and Women Against Military Madness.

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