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Minneapolis protest says ‘Let Palestine live’

By staff

Minneapolis protest says ‘Let Palestine live’

Minneapolis, MN – About 70 protesters gathered on May Day Plaza in the West Bank neighborhood here, Aug. 11, to stand in solidarity with Gaza. The protest coincided with a three-day ceasefire between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation forces. About 2000 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli assault on Gaza.

Meredith Aby-Keirstead, spokesperson for the Anti-War Committee, explained the point of the protest, “It is important for us to keep the pressure up. We do not know if this cease-fire will last, but we do know that we need to keep demanding an end to the U.S. government’s support for this massacre. Israel will only agree to peace if Washington says it won’t pay for more war.”

The protest was organized by the MN Coalition for Palestinian Rights which consists of many local organizations including: the Al-Asqa Institute, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee – MN Chapter, Anti-War Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Middle East Peace Now, MN Break the Bonds, National Lawyers Guild – MN Chapter, Socialist Action, and Women Against Military Madness.

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