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Minneapolis protest against border militarization and for legalization for all

By staff

Minneapolis protest defends immigrant rights

Minneapolis, MN – On the evening of August 10, 30 immigrant rights supporters gathered for a rally and noise demonstration at Lake Street and Chicago Avenue in south Minneapolis as a response to this summer’s many atrocities and attacks on immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, new anti-immigrant laws in states like Florida, and increased border militarization in general.

The protesters held signs and banners demanding legalization for all and an end to border militarization. Many people driving by honked and waved in support as they passed by in this community that's home to many immigrants.

The rally was initiated by the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC).

This summer marks another increase in the cruel treatment of immigrants at the border and beyond. Once Title 42, the policy of turning immigrants away at the border ended this May, the Biden administration ramped up deportations. Over 85,000 immigrants have been deported since the end of Title 42, a 65% increase from last year.

Also, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a racist, extreme anti-immigrant bill – SB 1718 – into law, a bill that criminalizes transportation of undocumented people in Florida, forces people to share their immigration status with hospitals, and prohibits local funding for community IDs.

Just last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott installed a chain of buoys extending 1000 feet in the middle of the Rio Grande. Sharp metal between the buoys and nets underneath are death traps for crossing immigrants. Razor wire along the banks awaits those who make it across. So far, two immigrants have died attempting to cross the buoys – one, a child from Honduras.

These are not the only deaths we have seen as a result of the constant attack on immigrants this summer. Ernesto Rocha-Cuadra, a Nicaraguan immigrant, died in ICE Custody in Louisiana after filing 20 grievances that he was denied necessary medical care. Duvan Tomás Perez, a middle school student from Guatemala, was killed at a poultry plant in Mississippi where he was exploited for child labor and forced to handle dangerous machinery. Efraín López García, a Guatemalan farmworker, and a Mexican farmworker both died from preventable heat exhaustion while working in Florida. Over 100 immigrants have died from heat this summer trying to cross the border.

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