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Minneapolis peace groups speak out against bombing of Syria

By staff

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Minneapolis, MN – The Minnesota Peace Action Coalition (MPAC) organized a news conference on the afternoon of April 14 to speak out against the U.S. bombing of Syria the evening before.

The news conference also announced plans for a Minneapolis protest being held Sunday, April 15 as part of the national spring anti-war actions.

Kristin Dooley, Director of Women Against Military Madness said, “U.S. military attacks are not intended to help people, or to resolve the internal conflicts of small nations in a humanitarian manner. U.S. intervention only serves the interests of the U.S. elite, who care nothing of Syrian people or the people of the Middle East.

Dooley continued, “The U.S. government has carried out an endless series of wars and intervention for years in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. This new escalation will only lead to more dead, injured and displaced.”

Meredith Aby, a member of the Anti-War Committee said, “Yesterday the U.S. launched 112 tomahawk missiles at Syria, at a cost of $1.87 million each, which is $224 million total. We demand money for human needs like repairing Flint’s water pipes, like rebuilding American schools, like making health care available to everyone – instead of war.”

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