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Minneapolis: Newly organized Trader Joe’s workers rally for first contract

By staff

Minneapolis Trader Joes workers are fighting for their first contract.

Minneapolis, MN – On Saturday, December 31, well over 200 people held a boisterous rally in downtown Minneapolis to support of Trader Joe’s workers who recently formed a union. The rally was made up of Trader Joe’s workers, members of other unions, customers and community members.

The workers voted in August of 2022 to form their union and won the vote by an overwhelming 55 to 5, a 92% yes vote. Since then, they have been in bargaining with Trader Joe’s to win their first union contract.

At the rally, Trader Joe’s workers said they are fighting for fair scheduling, decent wages and respect on the job. They also say that Trader Joe’s has not been playing fair. Since the workers went public with their union and began to bargain, Trader Joe’s has cut hours of union employees under the guise of the “slow season,” while at the same time hiring new workers and giving them full-time schedules.

Sarah Beth Ryther is a Trader Joe’s worker and is at the bargaining table. Ryther said, “We are going to keep up the pressure and keep coming back until we get a fair contract.”

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