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Minneapolis mayor again evicts Nenookaasi Healing Camp

By Tracy Molm

Minneapolis police taking firewood from Nenookaasi Healing Camp. | Fight Back! News/staff

Minneapolis, MN – In the early hours of Tuesday, January 30, Nenookaasi Healing Camp was evicted for the second time from an otherwise vacant lot in the city of Minneapolis.

On January 4, the encampment was evicted from its original location, which housed up to 200 people, primarily indigenous. Mayor Jacob Frey, the main perpetrator of the city eviction policy, met with camp organizers following the first eviction and feigned support for our unhoused neighbors. This second eviction shows how little the mayor and other city officials actually care for unhoused Minneapolis residents.

The first eviction on January 4 came after several days’ notice of the impending eviction. But even with notice, many of the camp’s residents were scattered and lost. For the latest eviction, residents and organizers weren’t given any notice, and many fear that those who had previously gotten shelter and support from the camp will be left with no place to go. Lead camp organizer Nicole Mason said, “Eviction is violence and results in overdose, disease spread, assault, and the deaths of our relatives.”

The city of Minneapolis is facing a reckoning as the social safety net has been chipped away at and the cost of living has skyrocketed with housing and rents going through the roof. Minneapolis, like cities across the country, has to answer how it will treat low-income people. Mayor Frey campaigned on ending homelessness, but has shown his intention is to sweep it under the rug using city funds and employees to clear and board up locations where houseless residents come together.

Community organizers vow to continue to fight at city hall to force officials to address the homelessness crisis, and to continuing to support those in need.

A new camp has come together but is again being threatened with eviction.

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