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Minneapolis Fight Back! fundraiser shatters expectations, exceeds $7000

By staff

Fight Back! editor Mick Kelly speaking at Twin Cities fundraiser. | Fight Back! News/staff

Minneapolis, MN – On Saturday, February 10, well over 100 activists, organizers, trade unionists and revolutionaries gathered under the signs and banners from movements past and present to celebrate the work of Fight Back!.

During the short program, various sectors of the people’s movement toasted to the important role of Fight Back! plays in uplifting the demands and wins from the mass movement. Organizers from the student movement, labor, climate, immigrant rights, police crimes, women’s and reproductive rights and the anti-war movement led the attendees in raising their glasses to the revolutionary reporting and editorials of Fight Back!.

The evening also featured a photo booth, trivia contest and a chili bar.

“There is myth making and there is truth telling,” said Noah Schu of Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar, as the crowd cheered. Shuh declared, “Information warfare is used in the United States to confuse and disorient the masses and inhibit us from gaining our liberation. Fight Back!’s commitment to solidarity – local and international – is vital.”

“It is so good to see so many of you out here tonight to support the newspaper that serves all of us in our collective struggle for revolution and liberation,” said Fight Back! editor Mick Kelly, “We know that the existing order of things does not serve us. In fact, it serves our enemy, the monopoly capitalists who rule this country. It is on our agenda to abolish that system and one of the things we do in the course of that is shine a light on the people’s struggle and the crimes the enemy has committed against us.”

Fight Back! is powered by our movements and our collective work and struggle. When editor Mick Kelly asked how many had written an article for the paper, nearly the entire room raised their hands. With the goal of raising funds to pay of a single print edition of Fight Back! newspaper, $2500, in the first minute of the fundraising pitch the goal was met and in total at the end of the event enough was raised to pay for three print issues and spread the news and views from the people’s struggle.

As the event ended, as clean up started and people began to make their way out of the event, Kelly’s ending words lingered in the room: “We were talking about the saying Mao had, ‘The future is bright.’ Some say it's trite, some say it’s corny; I think it is real. We are about changing this world, changing this society. It’s something that we can do, it’s something that we will do, and Fight Back! will be a part of that.”

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