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Minneapolis Fight Back! fundraiser massive success

By Tracy Molm

Mick Kelly, Fight Back! editor closing out speeches at the fundraiser.

Minneapolis, MN – Nearly 100 people joined together January 28 to celebrate the newspaper Fight Back! and to raise funds for the paper. Emcees Autumn Lake and Robyn Harbison led the night with toasts from Twin Cities movements that Fight Back! has covered over the last year and getting the crowd excited to aim to raise enough for one print edition of the paper.

Charlie Berg from the Climate Justice Committee started off the toasts, thanking the paper for publishing articles about the East Phillips struggle against pollution and the ongoing work of the CJC. Akhilesh Menawat from the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee also spoke to the importance of Fight Back! publishing coverage of the struggles for DACA, municipal ID and drivers licenses in Minnesota. Olivia Crull from the Minnesota Abortion Action Committee talked about the political importance of Fight Back! reporting correct numbers of our protests after a post-Roe protest in Minneapolis had 10,000 people in the streets.

Mick Kelly, Fight Back! editor, ended the speeches talking about how important Fight Back! News is. “Fight Back! News doesn't claim to be objective like mainstream media. Fight Back! News has picked a side and it's the side of the people's struggles.”

The fundraiser saw activists and groups from across the Twin Cities pledge to hit not only our goal of funding one print edition of the paper but more than two print editions – over $4000, a new high for this annual event in the Twin Cities and ensuring the continued print edition of Fight Back!

Jae Yates and David Gilbert-Pederson giving the fundraising pitch.

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