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Minneapolis building bridges of solidarity to Palestine

By Joseph Aharoni

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Minneapolis, MN – 30 people held banners and signs across three bridges on Interstate 35W during Minneapolis’ rush hour on June 9. They were out raising awareness of the consequences of U.S. aid to Israel.

Demonstrators stood in torrential rain for over an hour waving banners and holding signs and flags on the bridge. Many drivers honked, waved and flashed their brights in solidarity with Palestine.

Israel’s Supreme Court announced June 7 that they won’t stop the illegal evictions being committed by Israeli settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. This means the attempts by the Israeli government to steal land and houses are likely to continue.

One driver pulled off the highway to thank the protestors for their action. He has family in Palestine. Despite the media blackout of the continued evictions, he was glad to see that Minneapolis was continuing to organize against Israeli apartheid and land theft.

“Folks are still interested in talking about Palestine, even if the media isn’t,” said Misty Rowan of the Anti-War Committee.

The protest was organized by the MN Anti-War Committee and endorsed by Women Against Military Madness and American Muslims for Palestine – MN.

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