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Minneapolis anti-war protest: ‘Stop the wars, ground the drones’

By staff

Minneapolis 'ground the drones' protest

Minneapolis, MN – Despite rain showers, nearly 200 people joined a protest here April 6 to speak out against U.S. wars around the world and against the ever-growing use of drones as an instrument of military intervention.

The protest called for an end to the U.S. war in Afghanistan, for an end to the continued drone attacks in Pakistan and an end the use of drones in African countries. The event also called for funds for housing and human needs, not war.

A statement issued by organizers says in part, “We gather Saturday to say no to endless war, to say no to U.S. wars, interventions and drone strikes around the world.”

The statement continued, “The war in Afghanistan continues with an increasing use of drones. Thousands of civilians have been killed in U.S. drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries. The U.S. is involved in an ever-growing number of wars and military interventions around the world. Drones are becoming a bigger part of U.S. intervention and plans are being made to allow for police use of drones at home.”

The Minneapolis event was part of a month of coordinated actions across the U.S. during the month of April against the growing use of drones.

Saturday’s action is sponsored by the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition and endorsed by the Anti-War committee, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Veterans for Peace, Women Against Military Madness, Occupy the Hood (Mpls), Students for A Democratic Society, Veterans for Peace and others.

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