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Milwaukee: Wisconsin FRSO responds to hit piece

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization - Wisconsin District

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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Wisconsin District of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Milwaukee, WI – The Freedom Road Socialist Organization was named in an article published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on January 7 after a candidate for Milwaukee County Executive was pictured at an anti-war protest near a FRSO banner.

Wisconsin FRSO does not currently endorse candidates for public office, however, we appreciate political candidates that are willing to take a principled stand against Trump’s escalation of war with Iran.

Over 100 community members, trade unionists, students, elected officials, and progressive candidates attended the anti-war rally on January 4th to say “Money for human needs, not war,” “No war against Iran,” and “U.S. Out of Iraq!”

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization has played a leading role in organizing mass movements in Milwaukee for over a decade. Nationally, FRSO claims hundreds of members as leaders in the anti-war, labor, immigrant rights, campus organizing, and police accountability movements. These popular movements encompass a broad spectrum of political ideologies, from liberalism, to social democracy, to Marxism-Leninism. FRSO believes a broad united front strategy is necessary to defeat our enemies, the billionaire capitalist class – the 1 percent.

As a billionaire’s son, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has used his inherited wealth to buy power and attack the interests of working and oppressed people in Milwaukee County. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a representative of Abele referred to FRSO as “kooks” in the Journal Sentinel’s redbaiting hit piece.

FRSO wants to replace the inherently undemocratic system that allows the super-rich, such as Abele and Trump, to implement their racist and anti-worker agendas over the working class majority. Recent polls show that socialism is extremely popular among young people, so while billionaires slander Socialists as “kooky,” we know that now is the time to build a mass movement for socialism to end the power of the billionaire class. We believe the working class should run society.

FRSO will play a leading role in the January 14th protest outside Trump’s rally at the UWM Panther Arena at 5:00 pm. We look forward to working with other socialists, as well as progressives, liberals, and all others who oppose Trump’s racist, anti-worker agenda.

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