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Milwaukee SDS Starts Off Strong

By Daniel Ginsberg

Milwaukee SDS sign says "Student Bailout not Student Debt"

Milwaukee, WI – If high level administrators and the resigning chancellor thought the education rights movement at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) would go away this year, they are wrong. School began at UW-Milwaukee with an energized and well-attended speak-out on education rights. Organized by Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the speak-out announced new demands for whoever the next chancellor may be.

Jacob Flom of SDS informed attendees of big plans for the Oct. 7 National Day of Action to Defend Education.

“The last time we held a large demonstration, our chancellor called the police and had 16 people arrested. We successfully fought to have the charges dropped and now the chancellor is resigning just as school begins. At our next demonstration, we'll be hoping for the respect and dignity that students deserve as they demand education be a right and not a privilege,” Flom stated.

Milwaukee SDS held an evening meeting the night of the speak-out to discuss the upcoming semester, which includes the national day of action and the hosting of the upcoming national convention for Students for a Democratic Society from Oct. 22-24. Over 40 students packed the room.

“I joined SDS last year when I saw students protesting for education rights,” commented Mike Gold. “I am proud to be recruiting a fresh wave of students who want to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and who want to join the national struggle to defend public education.”

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