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Milwaukee protesters respond to Special Prosecutor John Franke and killer cops

By staff

Locked out of City Hall

Milwaukee, WI – Dozens of people took to the downtown streets here, March 29, in response to Special Prosecutor John Franke's decision to not seek any charges against the Milwaukee police officers who killed Derek Williams.

A jury inquest recently recommended a misdemeanor charge for the officers responsible for Willams’ death.

Protesters chanted, “What’s his name? Derek Williams!” and “No justice, no peace! Jail racist police!” while marching straight down Wisconsin Avenue to the police station to demand the removal of Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn. Locked out of the building, the protest went to City Hall and all throughout downtown.

At the end of the protest, Milwaukee police were seen arresting three protesters, including a woman who used her car to help escort the elderly in the protest.

Federal charges against the officers are still possible.

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