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Miami demands ‘Free Alex Saab’

By staff

Miami protest demands freedom for Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab.

Miami, FL – 20 activists gathered at the Federal Courthouse here, to demand the release of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, who has been detained in Miami since October when the United States government kidnapped him from Cape Verde. Saab’s supporters brought banners and signs with messages of solidarity, chanted “Free Alex Saab” and answered questions from reporters who converged on the courthouse.

Eminent Puerto Rican freedom fighter and longtime political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera delivered a powerful speech to the crowd. He explained ,“The Venezuelan people as well as the Puerto Rican people are fighting for their sovereignty. The United States intends to strangle the Venezuelan economy and break the legitimate resistance of the people of Simon Bolivar, the liberator.” He added, “As a former political prisoner, as a man who has fought against colonialism, and as a Latin American, I invite all my fellow Puerto Ricans to join our campaign for Alex Saab's freedom.”

Inside, Saab appeared in court for a hearing where the judge decided that the date for his trial will be October 11. In the meantime, Saab’s lawyers will be challenging the legality of his extradition based on the fact that he should have diplomatic immunity.

Gage Lacharite, who traveled from Tampa to represent the Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) said, “In the past the CSFR has successfully organized to defend the Antiwar 23 and Chicano leader Carlos Montes, and fought hard to defend Palestinian icon Rasmea Odeh. Today we stand with the Bolivarian revolution and with Alex Saab, who has been targeted by the U.S. government because he represents the one and only President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.”

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