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Mass leafleting in Tampa to build the march on the RNC

By Corey Uhl

Tampa, FL – Final build up is underway for the upcoming August 27 march on the RNC.

Today, August 25, has seen student and labor activists hitting the streets of Tampa, including the major intersections surrounding Perry Harvey, Sr. Park – the site of the march on the RNC, to display the lead banner for the march, and to reach out to the surrounding communities. Motorists passing by honked their horns in a show of solidarity with the five demands set forth by the Coalition to March on the RNC: Good jobs, healthcare, affordable education, equality and peace.

“Reaching out to the working class neighborhoods felt really empowering, especially with the massive amount of support we saw from the community,” Michael Sampson, a student organizer from Florida State University in Tallahassee said. Thousands of fliers were passed out through the surrounding neighborhoods, which were happily received by the people who lived there, and many of whom committed to attending the protest on Monday.

“The people were happy to see us, were glad to receive fliers through their car windows, and plan to join us at our rally and march on Monday. Most people gave us the thumbs up, while people in luxury cars shook their heads at us. The level of excitement in Tampa continues to grow,” said Tom Burke, a national organizer with the Coalition to March on the RNC.

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