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March on the DNC meets with city of Milwaukee

By Tom Burke

March on the DNC meets with city of Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI—The Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention met with officials from the city of Milwaukee on May 21 to discuss the coalition’s permit and plan to protest. The goals of the coalition are to defeat President Trump and to advance a progressive people’s agenda, thus building stronger movements to challenge the Democratic Party. Lawyers for the Wisconsin ACLU arranged the meeting and led the discussions.

The meeting with the city of Milwaukee confirmed that the COVID-19 health crisis is causing most in the Democratic Party to consider alternatives to an indoor convention with thousands present. This will greatly limit the Democratic National Convention (DNC) delegate turnout in Milwaukee, but a protest will still happen.

“The coalition still plans to gather and march, with masks and safe distancing, outside whatever forum or corporate office the DNC uses in Milwaukee on the first day, August 17,” co-chair Ryan Hamann said after the meeting.

Tracy Schwerdtfeger, who applied for the march permit a year ago, said, “We have been trying to meet with the city for a long time. What we want is a family-friendly march that goes within sight and sound of the DNC, so they see us and hear our demands. We finally approached the ACLU about filing a lawsuit for our permit and finally we are getting somewhere.”

Hamann emphasized, “Trump is responsible for people dying all across this country, and it is difficult to see him winning in November. However, the massive economic downturn is making it plain to see that Wall Street bankers and corporate elites dominate the Democratic Party too. We see Democratic governors and mayors, just like Republicans, are busy proposing cutbacks for workers and poor people while Congress approves trillions in bailouts for big business and banks.”

The coalition represented by the ACLU plans to meet with the city of Milwaukee as the situation develops. The city says new ordinances are planned to deal with protesters.

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