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March on DC to say no to U.S. war in Ukraine

By staff

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Minneapolis, MN – Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) joins forces nationally to call for a protest on Saturday, March 18 at 1 p.m. at the White House, Washington, D.C., coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the criminal U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Join us to say:

    • Peace in Ukraine

    • Abolish NATO – End U.S. militarism & sanctions on Syria, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iran and many other nations

    • Fund people’s needs, not the war machine!

    • No war with China!

    • End U.S. aid to racist apartheid Israel!

    • Fight racism & bigotry at home, not other peoples!

    • U.S. hands off Haiti!

    • End AFRICOM!

    • Free all political prisoners – Mumia Abu-Jamal, Julian Assange, Leonard Peltier, and many others

FRSO is a part of the United National Antiwar Coalition and leads anti-war organizing in cities across the country.

Cassia Laham, a member of the United Action Antiwar Coalition and FRSO explains the importance of the March 18 protest, saying, “The U.S. government lied to us about Iraq 20 years ago. Those lies cost over one million Iraqi lives. We're gathering in DC to call them out on their lies now about Russia, Ukraine, China and elsewhere.”

Laham continued, “Their warmongering is taking us closer and closer to nuclear annihilation. We're protesting to demand not one penny or weapon more for the war in Ukraine or U.S. militarism across the globe. We should be fighting racism and poverty at home, not imperialist wars abroad. We should be ensuring healthcare for all Americans, not warfare against Russia.”

Chrisley Carpio of the FRSO Student Commission, who is organizing for students to attend the protest, states, “This NATO-driven imperialist war is about one thing: the U.S. government taking out a global competitor, Russia, with Ukraine as their launching pad. They've committed crime after crime to achieve this, from sending weapons and a trillion dollars, to backing a far-right coup. The student movement has a proud history of standing up against U.S. imperialism and cheerleading its defeat, and we in the FRSO continue this today. We demand the end of U.S. intervention in Ukraine and Biden's war moves on Russia, and we urge everyone to do the same.”

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