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Mall of America seeks court action to stop Black Lives Matter protest

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – In an unprecedented attempt at halting the upcoming Black Live Matters Minneapolis gathering, the Mall of America has sued eight activists to compel them to immediately” post messages on social media and send out a mass text message announcing their Dec. 23 event is cancelled.

If the motion is approved by a judge, activists could face jail time for refusing to make social media posts or send texts in accordance with the demands of a private corporation.

The lawsuit, which targets four activists and four “John Does,” seeks a temporary restraining order and injunctive relief forcing defendants to delete any social media posts encouraging demonstration at the Mall of America set for Dec. 23. It prohibits defendants from demonstrating or encouraging others to demonstrate at the Mall of America.

Letters were sent by courier to the homes of four alleged leaders, threatening arrests if the event continues on as planned. For the second year in a row, the Mall of America's management has gone to extreme lengths to locate, contact and intimidate the organizers of this event.

The Mall America continues to seek to bar free speech for the community on its premises despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies which it has used to appropriate the traditional public forum in service of its own corporate profit.

One year ago, 3000 peaceful community members converged on the Mall of America and were met by police in riot gear who closed down the Mall for several hours. Eleven organizers were charged with conspiracy charges and $40,000 in restitution for police overtime and lost profits, but all charges were ultimately dismissed earlier this year after a judge said they didn’t “pass constitutional muster.”

This year’s protest comes weeks after police bulldozed the 18-day occupation of the Fourth Precinct police station, where community members were demanding justice for Jamar Clark, who was killed by Minneapolis police after being shot in the head execution style while handcuffed, according to witnesses.

Organizers have no plans to halt the demonstration unless authorities release the tapes related to Jamar

Clark’s case, prosecute police by a special prosecutor (without a grand jury) and bring federal terrorism charges against white supremacists who shot five protesters during the Fourth Precinct occupation.

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