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Los Angeles rallies for Palestinian liberation

By Victor Rodriguez

Los Angeles demonstration for Palestine. | Fight Back! News/Luis Sifuentes

Los Angeles, CA – In a display of international solidarity, thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Los Angeles, March 1, joining millions across the globe in support of the Palestinian liberation to demand an end to Israeli attacks on Rafah.

The protesters rallied and then marched from LA City Hall through the streets of downtown Los Angeles, disrupting traffic and chanting along the way, “Free, free Palestine!” This ongoing mobilization of the working masses of Southern California is dedicated to the cause of justice and solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine.

With speakers from various groups including U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) and the Palestinian American Women's Association, the protesters' message was clear. A USPCN speaker emphasized during the rally, “We must remind ourselves that the Zionist entity is an extension of American imperialism.”

One protester and proud Chicano, Gabriel Quiroz Jr from Centro CSO, said, “We came here to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, the Palestinian people have the right to determine their own future on their land. Just like Chicanos have the right to determine their future in Aztlán! The Palestinian fight for liberation is just and they will win!”

Under the banner of “Hands off Rafah,” the protesters demand nothing short of a change in U.S. foreign policy towards Israel and Palestine. Central to their demands is an end to the siege on Gaza. They are calling for an end to arms sales to Israel, recognizing the role that external support plays in perpetuating the conflict, and acknowledging that the violence perpetrated by the Israeli state is a direct result of imperialist aggression and capitalist interests.

As they marched through the streets of Los Angeles, chanting “Hands off Rafah” and demanding justice for Palestine, the protesters sent a clear message to the ruling class and imperialist powers: the working people of Southern California stands in solidarity with the oppressed and will continue to fight until our demands are met.

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