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Leslie Parks is back in her home

By staff

Linden Gawboy, Angel Buechner and Leslie Parks

Minneapolis, MN – Leslie Parks and her backers went to housing court Dec. 9 and filed papers against IndyMac/One West for doing an unlawful lockout. Leslie Parks had arrived home the night before only to find that all the locks had been changed on her home.

In a preliminary order, the judge ruled that IndyMac must let Leslie back into her home.

Meanwhile, the CEO of IndyMac, Terry Laughlin, called Parks, leaving a message that included an apology. Later, in a phone call with Park’s lawyer, IndyMac CEO Laughlin explained that they were taking full responsibility for the lockout and again he wished to offer great apologies to the Parks family. “I want to become personally involved in this,” he added. He also said that locksmiths were standing by outside Leslie Parks' home to repair the locks.

It took the locksmiths over two hours to fix all the locks at Leslie's house. In all, eight locks had to be replaced – including padlocked closet doors in the basement and interior of the house. There was a lot of senseless damage done to wrench open locked doors.

“We will continue this fight until the Parks family gets justice,” stated Linden Gawboy of the Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bailout.

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