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Legalization for All Network condemns Texas Senate Bill 4

By staff

Dallas, TX – The Legalization for All Network is asking all to express their anger December 1 against the racist Texas Senate Bill 4.

SB 4 would make it a state crime to cross into Texas from Mexico without proper documentation, allowing Texas law enforcement to arrest anyone they think might be undocumented. The U.S. Supreme Court’s case 2012 Arizona v. The United States however, ruled that only the federal government can enforce immigration laws, not police, sheriff’s deputies, or state troopers. Therefore constitutionally, law enforcement does not have the power to racially profile or deport. Nobody has to prove citizenship status or provide any immigration documents to a law enforcement officer.

“Senate Bill 4 is expected to be signed into law in the coming days,” says Xavi Velasquez. Velasquez is an immigrant rights activist based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and organizes with the grassroots organization La Frontera Nos Cruzó. “It will give a free hand to local law enforcement to actively discriminate against the Chicano and Latino community in Texas. Laws like this coming after the heightening of the border crisis by Greg Abbot show the intent of Texas lawmakers to target not only immigrants but the historic Chicano and Latino community of Texas.”

Texas has a long history of oppressing Chicanos, dating back to its founding by pro-slavery politicians, illegal white settlers, and their posse – the Texas Rangers. Mexico outlawed slavery and Texan settlers revolted, leading to further exploitation of Mexicans, Chicanos and African Americans. Conditions were bad, especially those who tilled the soil on cotton farms. With an oppression as longstanding as the Texan one, it comes as no surprise that centuries later, we continue fighting back like today. Governor Greg Abbott is teaming up with Trump for further repression against the undocumented, and we will not be silent.

The Legalization for All Network (L4A) is asking all chapters and allies to demonstrate their outrage leading up to December 1. That day, La Frontera Nos Cruzó, part of L4A, is holding an action and the details will soon be released.

All who are indignant of SB 4 are asked to make a poster and take a picture with it, write statements and submit to L4A, send a 30-second video expressing their anger, or organize a local action. Submit all to Legalization for All social media or email [email protected]

L4A’s pillars are legalization for all, no racist border wall, no militarization at the border and no more deaths, stop the exploitation of undocumented workers, stop the deportations and separation of families, and a stop to the sterilization and sexual violence against the undocumented. For more information or to join L4A, send them a message.

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