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Legalization for All Statement: Covid19 and DACA

By Legalization For All (L4A)

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Legalization for All Network.

The Legalization for All (L4A) Network is a coalition of various individuals and organizations from around the U.S. who fight to win legalization for all undocumented and Temporary-status peoples in the U.S. The need for full equality has never been clearer than in the face of a global pandemic, like Covid-19. Trump and the ruling-class have nothing stopping them from making changes that could devastate the undocumented, as the majority of people are preoccupied with the very real danger of Coronavirus.

Putting more people into jails and prisons right now where the virus can spread like wildfire is a terrible idea. Even ICE officers and several DHS officers have tested positive for Covid-19, which adds to the risk of spreading the virus in detention centers. The goal should be reducing the hazard of mass infections in jails, prisons, courts and refugee camps.

Public health measures necessary to combat the virus are creating major disruptions to the economy and people’s jobs. Many immigrants are concentrated in the lowest sectors of the economy with few job protections and benefits. The majority have little in the way of sick and vacation leave, as well as very limited ability to participate in what still exists of the social safety net.

Additionally, the Supreme Court could rule any day on whether to uphold Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA currently covers over 800,000 young, undocumented people. If DACA was defeated, DACAmented youth would be left with nothing to protect them from deportation. Together, the L4A Network has put together a list of necessary demands which must be upheld NOW.

Our demands:

Include Immigrant Families in COVID-19 Stimulus Package NOW


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A full statement will soon follow this initial one, stay tuned.

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