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Leaders of Coalition to March on RNC give update on plans for August 27 march

By Corey Uhl

Tampa, FL – Organizers for the Coalition to March on the RNC gathered for a press conference here, at Perry Harvey Senior Park, August 22 to give an update on their preparations for the August 27 march on the Republican National Convention. The press conference included speakers from organizations participating in the protest, along with several dozen members of local and international media.

Jared Hamil, spokesperson for the Coalition, announced several speakers who will greet the August 27 protest. They will include Carlos Montes, a prominent immigrant rights and anti-war leader from Los Angeles and James Lingley, Vice President of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1205. He also announced that Region 3 of AFSCME Council 79, representing 17 different local chapters, has also endorsed the Coalition to March on the RNC. Organizers are looking forward to the massive demonstration set for next week.

“Even until the final days before the event, we will continue to unite all groups and individuals that oppose the agenda of the Republicans and 1% and support a people’s agenda of good jobs, healthcare, affordable education, equality and peace,” said Hamil.

The recent endorsement by Get Equal, an LGBTQ rights group, was announced by Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, who is the national field director of that organization. He also blasted the Republican Party for their attacks on the rights of LGBTQ and undocumented people.

The struggle for equality was also supported by Marisol Marquez in a prepared statement:

“On August 27, the parties of the 1% will continue to try oppressing immigrants and those who are LGBTQ. We will be there full-force to say no to their continued efforts to oppress us.” Marquez is a member of Students Working for Equal Rights at the University of South Florida.

The possibility of Tropical Depression Isaac entering the Gulf of Mexico and escalating to a larger storm caused questions from reporters. “We will be here on Monday morning to oppose the Republican Agenda, rain or shine,” said Mick Kelly of the Coalition to March on the RNC.

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