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La Crosse, WI says ‘Hands off Venezuela!’

By Jeremy Schneider

La Crosse, WI – The streets may have been cold, but hearts were warm with international solidarity on February 9 as activists in La Crosse voiced their opposition to U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

Chants heard at the rally included, “Hey hey, ho ho, who the heck is Juan Guaido? Hey hey, ho ho, you won’t get rid of Maduro!” Signs read “Hands off Venezuela!” and “No blood for oil!”

“I think that being out here, especially in this weather, helps cement just how important of an issue this is,” said attendee Elias Wall. “My hope is that at least a few people driving by will see our signs and perhaps rethink what they think they know about what’s going on, and that will lead them to want to educate themselves and look into exactly what the U.S. is trying to do in Venezuela.”

Response from passersby were mixed with roughly three quarters expressing support with honks, thumbs up, and raised fists. The minority of detractors were very vocal, however, spewing nonsensical phrases like “Make America great again!” and “Move to Venezuela then!” The majority of the American people are against another war, but a vocal and belligerent minority can be used by Trump and company to create an illusion of support.

Those of us who stand strongly against war must be equally vocal in our complete opposition to the United States’ long standing policy of regime change and attempts to destroy any country which strays from the U.S. path of global domination. We must stand in solidarity with those struggling for freedom from imperialist oppression in Venezuela and in all nations targeted by the U.S.

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