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Kids Against Trump march in Minneapolis

By Kim DeFranco

Kids protest Trump

Minneapolis, MN – On March 19, about 20 people gathered at Wabun Park to join the Kids Against Trump rally and march through Minnehaha Falls Park.

Audrey, 8, organized the kids’ rally with her friends from Windom Elementary School. She and many children were upset after the election of Donald Trump in November and wanted to do something. Other kids from Windom and Southside Family Schools joined with parents and friends to voice their frustration. They started off their march chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!”

People at the park heard the protesters chanting, “Ain’t no power like the power of the kids because the power of the kids don’t stop.” The march winded around the park to the falls, “From Palestine to Mexico, all walls have to go!” Many people at the park gave thumbs up and smiles to the march which was led by kids.

The march went back to the gathering spot and the kids continued the rally. Leila, 12, from Southside Family School said, “Today the rally might be small but everything starts small. We just gotta continue to do this all because Trump doesn’t deserve to be in office. He has done horrible things and he is racist, xenophobic and sexist.”

Cedar, 10, also from Southside Family School, rapped, “U.S. is doing too much war, as time ticks on we are fighting more and more. And the weapons have upgraded from bows to guns and now we are fighting with nuclear ones. The only power to stop this is the power of all, otherwise the country will fall.”

Andrea, 7, also from Windom School, stated “You have to treat others as equals. Building walls between America and Mexico is a bad idea. I feel the walls divide. Walls can even divide family members from each other. We have to talk to the government to stop this from happening.”

The rally ended with chant of “Not my president” and snacks and playtime at the park. Kids Against Trump will keep organizing in their schools and together.

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