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Join the organization that stands with the Palestinian resistance – Join FRSO!

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

There is a powerful movement afoot in this country to stop the U.S.-Israeli genocide in Gaza and to stand with Palestine.

Demonstrations are taking place around the country as millions speak out against Israeli crimes and demand an end to all U.S. aid going to the occupation of Palestine. Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is proud to be among the builders to this movement. You may have seen us speaking at protests or carrying banners reading, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” We stand for justice. We stand on the side of the resistance!

FRSO has a long history of solidarity with Palestine. Since our inception we have made it clear that Israel exists on stolen land and borrowed time. We helped organize countless protests and demonstrations. We campaigned for freeing Palestinian political prisoners, such as Ahmad Sa’adat, the general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. We are working class internationalists who always stand with the oppressed against the oppressor.

The U.S. empire is declining. From Palestine to the Philippines and points in between, people are waging revolutionary struggles for freedom and liberation. An old world is dying and a new one is coming into being.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization is a revolutionary organization that is serious about real change. We work hard to build the international solidarity and anti-war movement. We are active in the trade unions, Black and Chicano liberation movements, and on many other fronts of the people’s struggle. In all these fights we are clear – monopoly capitalism must go. The power of the billionaires must be broken and the working class needs to take things into our own hands. We need socialism.

If you sick and tired of endless wars for empire and are ready to fight for a socialist future, we urge you to join us. Go to our website and hit “join”. Together, the new world we need will become possible.

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