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Jamar Clark Bornday: Car caravan celebration

By Jess Sundin

Minneapolis protest demands justice for Jamar and end to police crimes.

Minneapolis, MN – About 30 vehicles drove through North Minneapolis on Sunday, May 3, to mark the day that Jamar Clark should have turned 29 years old. Horns blaring, the caravan made its way to the block where Clark was killed by police in November 2015. Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar brought together family and community members to celebrate Clark’s life, and to continue the fight for justice through Jamar.

Getting out of their cars at the corner of James and Plymouth Avenues, they raised signs and banners and chanted to honor Jamar Clark’s memory.

As family and community members gathered with banners and signs, the Plymouth Avenue street sign was replaced with one for “Jamar Clark Ave.” After an hour of speeches and chanting, the group marched two blocks to the Fourth Precinct police station where protesters had closed the street for 18 days in 2015 to demand “Justice for Jamar.”

Family members spoke about Jamar’s life, and organizers raised several demands, including: Reopen the case and prosecute Minneapolis Police Department officers Dustin Schwarze and Mark Ringgenberg for Clark’s murder; an all-civilian police accountability council – actual, community control of the police; freedom for Myon Burrell, and depopulating prisons and jails in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Organizers also called for an end to the inequalities that have made the pandemic so much more deadly for African Americans and other oppressed people. They took steps to ensure the health and safety of participants, including passing out masks and hand sanitizer donated by the Racial Justice Network, and encouraging social distancing throughout the action.

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