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Jacksonville students take action, start encampment demanding a free Palestine

By staff

Palestine solidarity encampment in Jacksonville, Florida demands divestment from apartheid Israel. | Fight Back! News/staff

Jacksonville, FL – Student activists and others, led by University of North Florida Students for a Democratic Society, started a Palestine solidarity encampment on UNF campus, demanding an end to U.S. aid to Israel as well as complete divestment from Israel financially and breaking of academic ties. SDS activists are also demanding UNF end its partnerships with weapons manufactures like Raytheon and Boeing, all responsible for creating weapons being used by the racist Israeli apartheid state.

Over 50 riot police with the Jacksonville Sheriff Office, along with UNF police, showed up to intimidate the student activists. However, student activists have continued their encampment and insist their demands to be met by UNF administration.

Students are asking the public to contact UNF President Moez Limayem at 904-620-2500 or [email protected] and demand he prevent mass arrests of students on campus. Follow UNF SDS on social media for live updates.

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