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Jacksonville students and supporters arrested for Palestine encampment on UNF campus

By staff

Police surround Palestine encampment in Jacksonville, Florida.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Jacksonville, FL – Students for a Democratic Society at the University of North Florida began a show of solidarity with the people of Gaza on Tuesday, April 30. They set up on the UNF Green to demand that UNF divest from any partnerships with the racist state of Israel, and to show solidarity with college students across the country protesting for the people of Gaza.

Immediately after setting up one tent, the campus police arrived in full riot gear threatening the students. The police began expressing arbitrary rules and curfews that cannot be located in writing on any campus policy.

On Thursday, May 2, after a small teach-in on Palestine, members of the local Muslim community observed their Isha prayer. Students and community members sat on the Green, while more and more police arrived to intimidate any and all remaining protesters. Eventually, hundreds of police in full riot gear, sporting gas masks and brandishing zip tie handcuffs, swarmed these protesters, who had their hands raised in the air.

All 17 protesters are being charged with trespassing. Community activists are demanding State Attorney Melissa Nelson drop their charges. Protesters are also calling on University of North Florida President Moez Limayem to stop the repression of student activists.

Activists are asking the public to contact UNF President Limayem at 904-620-2500 or [email protected].

Currently, the protesters are scheduled to be released on Friday evening. Stay tuned to Jax Takes Action, Jax Palestine Solidarity and UNF SDS for updates.

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