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ILPS condemns assassination attempt on President Maduro of Venezuela

By International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS)

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Aug. 6 statement from the International League of Peoples´ Struggle (ILPS).

We, the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS), condemn in the strongest terms the assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on August 4, 2018 in Caracas, using drones loaded with explosives. We join all the anti-imperialist and democratic forces all over the world and all the progressive-oriented governments in Latin America in condemning this despicable terrorist act.

We extend our sympathy and solidarity to President Maduro, to the people and government of Venezuela and support their strong determination to uphold national sovereignty, preserve the gains that have been achieved in carrying out patriotic and progressive social and economic programs and defend the country and the people against economic sabotage, violent provocations and threats of aggression and regime change by US imperialism and its stooges.

President Maduro has earned the ire of the US and the local reactionaries for upholding the legacy of Hugo Chavez in implementing social and economic reforms that benefit the broad masses of the people particularly the toiling masses of workers and peasants.

US imperialism cannot forgive Chavez and Maduro for nationalizing the oil industry that it greedily covets. Likewise the local oligarchy cannot forgive Chavez and Maduro for using the oil profits to build schools, hospitals, low-cost housing and other progressive programs for the broad masses of the people.

The US and the local reactionaries tried many times in the past to overthrow Hugo Chavez but failed because of the support of the people. They have continued with their vicious attempts to cause the overthrow of Maduro through trade sanctions, economic sabotage, violent street actions and coup-plotting. Having failed in these, they have now switched to assassination.

Initial investigation by the Venezuelan government points to the US and the Colombian government as having a direct hand in the assassination attempt. Colombian Pres. Juan Manuel Santos in a recent interview with the Agence France Press was reported to have said that “Maduro's days are numbered” and “that regime has to fall.” In May 2017, Trump declared in a joint press conference with Pres. Juan Manuel Santos that he was going “to fix” Venezuela with the help of countries like Colombia.

The US and the local reactionaries will not stop until they achieve their objective. The Venezuelan government and people must remain vigilant and militant and be prepared for even more vicious attacks from these evil forces that have become desperate for their previous failures in creating destabilization, chaos and white terror.

Again we condemn the recent attempt by the US and the local reactionaries in Venezuela to overthrow the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and reverse the patriotic and progressive Bolivarian orientation of that government. We extend our solidarity to the Venezuelan government and people and support their right to national self-determination and to chart their own independent course of development.

Long live President Maduro and the government of Venezuela!

Down with US imperialism and their local running dogs!

Long live the people of Venezuela!

Long live international solidarity!

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