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Hundreds march in Minneapolis demanding justice for Terrance Franklin

By staff

Protest for justice for Terrance Franklin

Minneapolis, MN – Hundreds of people marched through the streets of downtown Minneapolis on May 31 to demand justice for Terrance “Mookie” Franklin, a 22-year-old African American man killed by the police in a South Minneapolis home on May 10.

Led by Terrance Franklin’s family and friends, the protesters gathered at Hennepin County Government Plaza and then marched through busy downtown streets, tying up traffic during the evening rush hour. They demanded that the police be prosecuted for killing Franklin, who was unarmed, and that an independent investigation be carried out. Franklin was shot multiple times – in the back of his head and in his back – in the basement of a house on 27th Street and Bryant Avenue South.

The family and supporters of Terrance Franklin vowed to continue organizing until they get justice.

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Protest for justice for Terrance Franklin

Protest for justice for Terrance Franklin

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