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Huge sit-in at Minneapolis South High School protests Ferguson verdict

By staff

Huge sit in at South High School demands justice for Mike Brown.

Minneapolis, MN – About 500 students participated in a sit-in at of South High School to protest the grand jury verdict that failed to indict the cop who killed Mike Brown. The sit-in wrapped around the corridors of the entire first floor of the building.

When students requested the media be allowed inside, the principal said no, and the decision was made to walk out. Students then marched up to Lake Street and to the Third Precinct Police Station, where there was chanting and speeches.

Larry Whiten, one of the students who organized the protest stated, “We needed to do this demonstration to show that the youth in our community are aware of the unjust things happening to our peers in our society. We are not oblivious to our surroundings. We organized this 500-person march and sit-in in less than 15 hours! We are unstoppable.

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