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Fight Back! Reporters and Distributors are in Houston: We Need Your Help

By mick

Dear Readers,

Fight Back! reporters and distributors are in Houston, Texas, so we can bring you front line accounts of the plight and fight of the tens of thousands of evacuees from New Orleans. From Bush on down, government officials are trying to defend their conduct. We will be sending out reports about what evacuees have to say about the relief operations.

As you know, there is nothing natural about the disaster experienced by the people of New Orleans and the South in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The rich and powerful who rule this country, along with government at all levels are responsible for the death and suffering of many thousands – most of whom are African American and low income.

In addition to reporting the facts, our Fight Back! team in Houston will be distributing copies of this newspaper along with a special editorial on the causes and impact of this ongoing disaster. We are offering free Fight Back! subscriptions to evacuees.

To sustain this project we need money. We urge you make a contribution today. You can send it via mail or go to our website and contribute online at

Together, we will expose those responsible for this catastrophe, and do what we can to build the fight for justice.


Mick Kelly,

For the editors and staff of Fight Back!

Fight Back! Newspaper

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Minneapolis , MN 55440  USA

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