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Green Bay, WI: Palestinian and Muslim community marches to end U.S. support for genocide in Gaza

By staff

Green Bay, Wisconsin march in solidarity with Palestine. | Fight Back! News/staff

Green Bay, WI – On November 12, members of the Green Bay Palestinian, Muslim and anti-war communities marched to declare their support for the popular Palestinian resistance, and to call for the end of U.S. support for the mass murdering Israeli regime.

Over 40 people gathered to chant slogans for a free Palestine before marching across the two downtown bridges, displaying signs and banners and Palestinian flags. Appreciative passersby honked their car horns in support as the march progressed through downtown.

Stopping in front of City Hall, Palestinian students at University of Wisconsin Green Bay expressed gratitude at the public display of solidarity. Some told stories of how they felt watching the horrors in Gaza unfold while attending a U.S. university.

Aodhan Bowman, a member of the Green Bay Anti-war Committee, spoke about the need for people to demand their local governments withdraw financial support for Israeli crimes.

“We need to demand that local and national politicians stop sending money to Israel. We need to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation. We need to cut off the Israeli war machine at its source – the explicit U.S. support and funding that fuels it,” said Bowman.

In response to Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich displaying support for Israel by lighting up the two bridges blue and white, Bowman continued: “We demand an apology from the mayor for his explicit support for the genocide and mass murder of Palestinians, and his implication that all of Green Bay feels the same.”

Attendees of the march and rally continued to enthusiastically chant slogans all the way back and were glad at the opportunity to publicly show that Green Bay does not support genocide.

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