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Green Bay, WI: Activists rally for Palestine in opposition to city's pro-Zionist declaration

By staff

Palestine solidarity rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. | Fight Back! News/staff

Green Bay, WI – On Friday, October 20, over 30 people united in Green Bay to stand in resolute solidarity with Palestine and to challenge the city’s public support for Israel, while shedding light on the suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation and apartheid. The action was organized by a coalition of local organizations and committed individuals, including Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

The rally was held at Leicht Memorial Park, overlooking the west bank of the Fox River, near a bridge adorned in the colors of the Israeli flag. Organizer Daniel Castillo began his speech highlighting the need to challenge the narrative that favors Israel. He called for support for the Palestinian perspective and denounced Zionism as a racist ideology, underscoring the importance of allowing people to live freely in their own countries.

After Castillos impassioned speech, Rob Logeson, a member of FRSO, took the stage and spoke about the courage it takes to stand for justice in today’s political climate. He told the crowd the United States financially and materially supports the Israeli military. The staggering billions of dollars in military aid provided by the U.S. accounts for nearly 20% of Israel’s total military budget, a reality that implicates our own government in the genocide. Logeson emphasized the importance of real action, to disrupt the capitalist-imperialist system, and invited the attendees to join a protest at Oshkosh Defense LLC, a defense contractor in nearby Oshkosh that produces hundreds of the Eitan Armored Personnel Carriers for the IDF.

With Daniel Castillo in the lead, the demonstrators then erupted into a march through the city. Waving Palestinian flags and chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

The march and rally concluded with remarks from local organizer Aodhan Bowman, who pointed out that American weapons and technology play a large role in the ongoing violence against Palestinians. He emphasized the profitability of perpetual war and its role in propping up the U.S. economy. He called for the formation of a Green Bay Anti-war Committee to oppose war-mongering and war-profiteering, aligning with other cities, such as Milwaukee, to help stop the destruction caused by the military-industrial complex.

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