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Minnesota: Getting ready for Poor People’s Contingent in Sept. 1 March on the RNC

By staff

Three women at podium

Minneapolis, MN – The Welfare Rights Committee held a celebration and organizing event Aug. 9 to get low-income families geared up for the Sept. 1 march on the Republican National Convention (RNC). Low-income women and their familes filled the Sibley Park Community Center where the event took place.

The Welfare Rights Committee is organizing the Poor People’s Contingent in the Sept. 1 march that coincides with the opening of the RNC. The Sept. 1 march is expected to draw tens of thousands of protesters. The Welfare Rights Committee will be there to say, “Money for human needs, not for war!”

At the celebration, low-income families discussed how to reach thousands more in the final three weeks until the RNC takes place, as well as concrete plans for the Poor People’s Contingent. Plans were be made to further connect with low-income people one-on-one at the welfare offices, door-to-door in communities, at neighborhood shops, churches and in the streets. The WRC is organizing free buses to the march from a number of communites.

The Welfare Rights Committee is a Minnesota-based organization that has been fighting for low-income families in Minnesota for the past 16 years. The WRC is a major partner in the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, as well as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the city of Saint Paul in the struggle for a decent march permit.

“We are organizing a Poor People’s Contingent to bring poor and working people’s issues to the attention of the Republican delegates coming for the RNC, to the attention of people across the country and to the world. We see the connection between the war and the billions and billions of dollars spent to maintain this unjustified war, and the unmet needs of poor and working people, here and all over the world,” stated Kim Hosmer of the WRC.

She contined “We think it is critical for poor people’s issues to be front and center on the opening day of the RNC. We’ve talked to thousands at the welfare offices and on the streets and everyone is excited to be a part of this history-making day. Low-income people are angry and want to bring their message to the RNC!”

Painting signs for the September 1 march on RNC

Painting signs for the September 1 march on RNC

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