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Georgia Teamsters to hold practice pickets in leadup to potential UPS strike

By Fight Back

Georgia UPS Teamsters are getting ready to strike.

Atlanta, GA – UPS Teamsters across the state of Georgia are holding practice pickets at UPS facilities this week as negotiations between the Teamsters and UPS have begun to break down. The practice picketing is part of a national mobilization of rank-and-file Teamsters to prepare for a strike at UPS and to let the company know that the Teamsters are serious about striking for a good contract.

The practice pickets come just after UPS walked away from the bargaining table July 5 when the union refused to agree to an offer they found unacceptable, saying it did not improve wages for part-time workers.

There are currently no further scheduled negotiations between the company and union. International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien has made it clear to the company that if there is no agreement between UPS and the Teamsters by July 31, around 350,000 UPS Teamsters will be going on strike August 1.

Corey Stiles is a package car driver in Atlanta and said, “All UPSers know that our contract is the gold standard in our industry. Despite record profits, UPS is doing everything in their power to start chipping away at the strength of our contract in hopes that we will concede to less than we deserve.” Stiles went on to say, “We will stand firm with our Teamster brothers and sisters to get a contract that both full-time and part-time employees have earned and deserve. This new contract will inspire those fighting without a union contract to keep up their fight as well.”

As of now, with no further bargaining scheduled, a nationwide UPS strike will begin on August 1 unless a deal is reached before then.

Bill Aiman is a package handler and Teamsters Local 728 union steward.

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