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FRSO on UAW picket line

By staff

UAW picket line at Colorado GM facility.

Aurora, CO – Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) members from Denver, Colorado joined the UAW picket line, October 13, at the General Motors (GM) distribution facility in Aurora. That facility is part of the national strike of General Motors where workers are seeking to improved pay, to maintain high quality health care and to provide a path for temporary workers to become permanent workers.

GM has used multiple wage and benefit tiers, including ‘temporary’ workers, to slash wages and divide the workforce. It is reported that over 46,000 UAW members are out on strike all over the country since the GM strike started on September 16.

There are 48 union UAW employees at the GM warehouse in Aurora; they are all on strike and on the picket lines. These 48 workers manage to picket the warehouse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Morale is high, as there is much solidarity from other unions and from the community at large. The Teamsters at UPS are not crossing UAW picket lines in Aurora, and it is reported that a large section of the local UPS warehouse is full of GM parts that are not being distributed.

Nicole Adams, a UAW member of Local 431, said she was confident of a victory in the strike and stated, “We are tired of lifting up these companies and they promise us this, and they promise us that, and they make money off of our backs.”

Fight Back! was distributed on the picket line and well received by the strikers. The FRSO members pledged to return to the picket line and to continue to act in solidarity with the Aurora GM workers.

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