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Free Palestine Coalition packs St. Paul city council meeting

By Kim DeFranco

Protest demands  passage of pro-Palestine resolution in St. Paul, Minnesota. | Fight Back! News/Kim DeFranco

St. Paul, MN – 200 people packed the Saint Paul city council meeting on February 7 to send a message to the city council that the residents of Saint Paul want them to take a stand against genocide.

Their signs stressed the importance of Saint Paul having a ceasefire resolution. The signs read, “Take a stand against genocide” and “Palestine is a local issue!” All of the signs also demanded, “Pass a ceasefire resolution now!”

The action at the city council meeting was the culmination of a weeklong call-in campaign to the council members. The day before, the Free Palestine Coalition held a rally outside Saint Paul City Hall with 300 people attending. The Free Palestine Coalition organized the attendance at the city council meeting and the rally to not only raise awareness but to make sure the city council knows that there is support for ceasefire resolutions, including ending the aid to Israel.

Because of the large crowd presence, at the end of the meeting, Council President Mitra Jalali had to acknowledge them.

The Free Palestine Coalition plans to continue the campaign until the city council passes a ceasefire resolution that includes the ending aid to Israel. The Free Palestine Coalition just won an important victory in Minneapolis with their ceasefire resolution passing, and the coalition plans to keep the momentum going now with the other Twin City.

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