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Free Alex Saab, Venezuela Diplomat, Jailed by U.S.

By Committee to Stop FBI Repression

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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR).

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) is calling on people to join a rally to “Free Alex Saab Now!” on Monday, November 15. Alex Saab is a good man who has done nothing wrong, only opposed U.S. sanctions and aggression against Venezuela. It is the U.S. government and President Joe Biden who should be put on trial for their ongoing harassment of Venezuela’s democratic and popular Bolivarian Revolution.

Rally, Monday, Nov. 15, 9:30 a.m. EST Miami Federal Courthouse, 400 North Miami Ave Miami, Florida

At the previous court date of Alex Saab on October 24, the U.S. Prosecutor dropped seven of the eight charges used to extradite him from Cape Verde to the United States. Saab was detained in Cape Verde while flying to Iran to arrange trade deals that break the illegal U.S. sanctions on Venezuela. The U.S. has effectively locked Venezuela out of the international banking system, but the Bolivarian Revolution continues to find ways to trade and barter.

The U.S. extradition of Saab is also considered illegal by the Venezuelan government who are vehemently protesting on behalf of their diplomat. The lawyers in Miami demanded the single charge of conspiracy be dropped due to Saab’s diplomatic status. However, the U.S. government does not have relations with, nor recognize the government of Venezuela.

“We condemn this illegal attempt by the U.S. justice system to imprison and put on trial a Venezuelan diplomat. The U.S. has a long history of furthering its imperialist agenda by making false accusations against the forces in its way, international and domestic. The only way to win in the face of this is solidarity between these forces and fighting back,” said Will Blake of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression at the October rally in Miami.

The timing of Saab’s arraignment comes a week prior to important elections in Venezuela. Many wealthy Venezuelans, with ties to U.S. banks and corporations, have moved to Miami over the past twenty years. A few prominent ones are wanted for crimes in Venezuela. They continue to interfere in Venezuela’s elections and even attempt to organize armed attacks and sabotage of infrastructure from Florida. It is no coincidence Saab is being put on trial in Miami.

By joining and supporting the “Free Alex Saab Now!” rally in Miami November 15, we will be acting in solidarity with his family and supporters at a rally in Venezuela. There is also a book release about the life and role of Alex Saab in Caracas.

Stay tuned for our next CSFR update when we know the trial dates for Alex Saab and we will announce a plan for as many activists as possible to attend his trial and pack the courtroom in Miami.

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