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Fox Valley, WI: Back-to-back weekend protests sparked by multiple police shootings

By Hollie Poupart

Appleton, WI protest against police terror.

Appleton, WI – Over a dozen people gathered on April 18 and April 25 to continue voicing their outrage over the murders of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo who were gunned down by police this month. Body camera footage from both incidents quickly went viral, triggering protests around the country. Both incidents prompted local organizers and residents to hold a rally with signs, chants and music demanding action.

The group marched to the Appleton Police Station and held a moment of silence for all victims of police violence. The event organizer, Cole Bennet, wants to continue to rally saying, “We need to let people know that this is still happening. Even if it’s just 20 people protesting, we need to get out and make our voices heard.”

Despite multiple national calls for police accountability there are still many people dying at the hands of police.

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