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Former adviser to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez speaks in Texas

By staff

Texas students stand in solidarity with Venezuela.

Arlington, TX – On November 9, Dozthor Zurlent, a former adviser to Hugo Chavez, came to the University of Texas at Arlington to give a lecture to over 30 attendees on the status of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Dozthor Zurlent recounted how, despite Venezuela being termed as “rich” prior to the tenure of Hugo Chavez, the actual living conditions of the ordinary people did not reflect this. Housing was always cramped, nearly slums. The housing issue was a priority for Hugo Chavez, as it is with current President Nicholas Maduro.

Dozthor also explained how the economic war on Venezuela, the sanctions on the Bolivarian Republic, ravished the economy by making it incredibly difficult to continue to sustain the needs of the people.

Alex Saab, a business leader from the food producing industry, offered to assist in this regard and was given diplomatic status by the Venezuelan government – and despite this the United States illegally detained him in Cape Verde and now in Miami. Several students had questions about how they can help with easing the crisis in Venezuela and how international events, such as Gustav Petro’s victory in Colombia, will effect Venezuela.

Zurlent said that many of the great things that are happening now – such the elections of progressives in Colombia and in Brazil – could not have been possible without the Bolivarian Revolution.

Members of the Progressive Student Union, the Dallas Anti War Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and the Democratic Socialists of America attended the event.

All the participants gathered for a photo and later video to call for the release of Alex Saab.

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