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Flint Auto Workers Slam Delphi, UAW Hacks

By mick

Picket at Delphi plant

Flint, MI – Chanting, “Not one dollar, not one dime! Cutting wages is a crime!” more than 75 auto workers joined together here for a spirited picket line at the Delphi auto parts plant, Feb. 16. Many on the picket line were members of the rank-and-file auto workers organization, Soldiers of Solidarity. Coinciding with the end of sparkplug production at the plant, the protest slammed Delphi/GM’s demands for concessions.

The picket line took place despite a decision of by the heads of UAW Local 651 to cancel the protest that was planned for that day. As many see it, Local 651 officials used bad weather as an excuse to cancel the picket, march and rally that they never wanted to hold in the first place.

After the picket line, auto workers packed a nearby sports bar for an indoor rally. A banner reading, “Spark the movement,” hung out front. Speakers called for a serious and determined resistance to concessions at Delphi.

Delphi CEO Robert Miller wants to cut wages and benefits by more than 60%. This is the leading edge of an attack by the owners of the auto corporations. Their goal is to destroy an entire way of life for workers and their communities, transforming the industry into one characterized by low wages and benefits. The outcome of this battle has an impact on the livelihood of everyone who works for a living.

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