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Flight Attendants picket Denver International Airport, demand decent contracts

By staff

Denver, CO – On February 13, over 300 flight attendants gathered outside of the plaza of the Westin Hotel located in the Denver International Airport as part of a Flight Attendants International Day of Action.

The group of flight attendants were made up of members from two unions who are fighting for a good contract, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA, and Association of Flight Attendants (AFA).

Chants led by union members highlighted the rank-and-file members’ anger with how the airline companies have been handling contract negotiations: “What’s appalling? Constant stalling!” as well as “What do we want? Contract! When do we want it? Now!”

The Flight Attendants negotiations fall under the Railway Labor Act, under which the flight attendants union contracts do not have set expiration dates. Negotiations are currently happening through a federal mediation process. There were many flight attendants present at the rally that had not had a new union contract since 2016. Flight attendants from United, Alaska, American and Southwest are all negotiating their next contracts and have already held votes to authorize strikes at Southwest, American and Alaska if needed in their fights for a next contract.

The event lasted around two hours and included marching and picketing around various parts of the airport. Some portions of the pickets were visible to cars driving in and out of the airport, where many showed their support by honking their horns. The event was very loud and full of energy.

This action was a first step for flight attendants to show that they are not willing to accept stalled contract negotiations any longer and are willing to bring the fight to the bosses.

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